Your second home is our first priority


Breckenridge is a special town. Being a Local is both an accomplishment, and a privilege. When you take the plunge and purchase your vacation home in Breckenridge, you are signing up for the lifestyle; you are enriching your views, inhabiting the mountains, breathing the fresh, thin alpine air. Save your energy for the slopes and trails, not plowing your driveway and dusting the ceiling fans. At Breckenridge Happy Homes, we create a memorable second home ownership experience by making caring for you and your home our first priority.

We provide year-round care for second-home owners in Breckenridge and Blue River. Second-Home owners hire us to care for their property in their absence. The purpose of our service is to transform your chore-ridden visit into an actual vacation. We want you to feel like you are vacationing when you visit your second-home; we can make it a welcoming haven as opposed to a list of to-do projects. We prepare the residence for your arrival. This typically includes hot tub service, plowing, an appliance check, thermostat adjustment, plumbing inspection, and often grocery/firewood delivery. If you decide to rent your home, we take care of your guests as well as your home. We handle the entire process; we control the access, occupancy, and departure protocols.

We are Breck locals and understand the unique challenges to home care in this climate; being local enables us to respond to emergencies resourcefully and quickly. We understand the value of the investment made when purchasing a second home. We care about protecting your investment to maximize future re-sale value. With routine inspections, we are able to detect and fix minor problems, before they become large, time-consuming and expensive problems. Empty homes will attract attention. Regular inspections will protect your home from squatters and transients, theft, and poaching.

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